Access Control

Businesses in today's world have the unprecidented challenge of protecting their properties and people.

Organizations are faced with employee turn, theft, intellectual property management and unforseeable emergency situations. Now more than ever, business owners have a need to provide forms of access control within their organizations that go beyond a traditional lock and key system. Block Island Alarm is the solution that can provide building and entry door access to the "right people" when and where they need it. Our systems protect the premisies and provide a safer work environment for your employees.



Access Control from Security Concepts is easy to install, set up and use.

  • Respond in an instant to an emergency situation
  • Easily make changes to employee access permissions
  • Invaluable information from the access control system at your fingertips
  • Reporting of cardholder/employee movement
  • Fully integrated card holder database
  • Knowledge of door entry patterns and employee movement within your facility
  • manage multiple facilities, locations, doors and sntry permissions for many people via the internet remotely from anywhere at any time
  • Integrated with other systems
  • Cost effective
  • Easy and reliable

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